The second screen model is the new paradigm for interactive TV.

Besides becoming an Augmented Reality of linear TV this is also the tool that converges television, internet and mobile devices.

Second screen xivin is the interactive TV platform that enables you to automatically synchronize the broadcast transmission on the air through the TV audio and contextualize the same in an interactive environment as internet.

It enables a range of interactive services that can be monetized by publishers and broadcasters exploiting the natural channel of return internet through specific apps.

xivin also allows full interaction with the world of social media (ref. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the real-time measurement of television audience of that particular program, commented on and discussed by the viewers.

Main Interactive Services

Social media

Full interaction with the world of social networks. Comments, active participation and sharing.

Approval ratings

The approval rating of a TV program in real time.

Second screen

Augmented Reality of the broadcast transmission on the air: control additional cameras, multiple vision.

Live Polls

Polls and voting in real-time broadcast on the air.


Extra content of broadcast transmission and selection of favorites.

Couch commerce

You watch television and proceed with the purchase by mobile devices.

Related Info

Additional information related to the transmission on the air.

Interactive adv

Alignment between the TV adv and the presence, for example, in social networks.


Couch commerce, social media opt-in, extra

Extras / bonus to the viewer, stimulating the viewer to follow up a call to action, extending the message, opt-in social media, voting, polls, messaging, couch commerce, targeted advertising.


Interaction ad adv and extra information

Purchasing, additional information, opt-in social media, polling, ad interaction, discount coupons, special offers, product releases


Polling, alternative viewing angles and reality increased

Polling, alternative viewing, extra, gambling, targeted advertising, content, opt-in social media sponsors, couch commerce.


Additional content, voting, purchases

Additional content related to video, background information, voting, messaging, targeted advertising, related purchases, opt-in social media.


Related content, subtitles, extra

Related content and additional content, selectable language subtitles, merchandising, video orders, opt-in social media, extra products and services within the film.

Live events

Purchases of MP3 and videos

Purchases of MP3s and videos, stage to second screen video, shopping, live interaction, voting, opt-in social media, targeted advertising.

How it works in 4 steps

  • The user is in front of the TV

  • The user opens xivin on his tablet

  • xivin automatically recognizes the channel and the broadcast transmission on the air through the TV audio

  • xivin synchronizes the broadcast transmission on the air with the tablet and is available to provide the second screen interactive services

xivin DEMO

Try xivin online. Ask for the demo application.

Through the application xivin you can live the experience of an example of the service provided through the xivin second screen platform.

The tutorial video will allow you to simulate a video transmission (such as a film) and interact with the application that will automatically recognize that film simulating a surprise on your smartphone.

The application can be asked for free by sending a message through the form at the bottom of "Contact vetrya" indicating as subject APP.


Demo Videoclip

Febbre da cavallo. Mandrake.

Un americano a Roma. Alberto Sordi.

Troppo forte. Carlo Verdone.

xivin share

xivin share allows you to monitor in real-time the TV audience for all the most important TV channels on the digital terrestrial and satellite platforms, thanks to the technology that automatically recognize the content.

The solution, besides increasing the offer of xivin second screen services, allows you to extend the television campaigns in the online world and synchronize the TV advertising in real-time with the one on the web, smartphone devices, tablet and smart TV.

It also introduces the integration of TV data on Web analysis tools such as Google Analytics, to enable a real-time measurement by advertisers of the impact of each television commercial spot on the performance of the web.

Trace the live transmission, on demand and / or the radio transmission means providing information that helps xivin to open the traditional one-way message (broadcast) to the world of interactive services .

Contact vetrya

Second screen xivin is a platform of services and applications for second screen powered by Vetrya SpA